Hot Water System

People use more then 50 trillion kilowatt-hours of power every year. As astounding as that sounds, the sun carries energy to the earth at a much higher rate, totaling more then 700 quadrillion (that's 700 followed by 15 zeros) kilowatts in the same year's time, saying it in another way, the sun provides enough energy to the earth to satisfy the world's energy needs for a whole year in only 40 minutes.

Did you know that your electric water heater can use as much energy as an automobile? A car gets 22 mpg and travels 12000 miles in a year, consumes approximately 11.4 barrels of oil. A family of four would use the same amount of energy in a year, just heating water by using a average amount of hot water per day (80 gallons). In other words, installing a Solar Domestic Hot Water System in your home provides the same environmental and energy savings benefits as taking an average car off the road.

Nearly a million Floridians are currently harnessing the sun's unlimited, free energy with solar water heating systems they own. These systems are estimated to be saving over 500 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year.

How The Solar Domestic Hot Water System Works

Intelligent automation is the key to the Solar Domestic Hot Water System's outstanding efficiency and selfsufficiency. The system will turn on and off daily, collecting heat whenever it is available. The automatic controller alerts the pump when to run. It also alerts the automatic check valve to open simultaneously. The pump then circulates colder water (from the bottom of your special solar storage tank) through your solar collector (s), and returns the heated water to the tank. This cycle continues as long as the sun is available to provide heat to your water. When there is not heat available, the controller turns the pump off, and closes the check valve to prevent any loss of heat from the tank. If your family ever needs more hot water than the sun can provide, the system's back-up heating element automatically takes over, insuring that you will always have all the hot water you need.

What If The Power Goes Out?

Can I still make hot water? Yes, the Solar Domestic Hot Water System can be installed with a PV Panel at the collector and a 12 volt pump which will operate when the power is out. This system will replace the existing 110 volt pump and controller. So no matter how long the power is out you will always have hot water. In Florida we recommend this type of installation.


The major elements of a certified solar water heating system should last at least 20 years with proper use, care, and maintenance. Other components, such a vents and freeze valves may need occasional replacement but are relatively inexpensive and easily replaced. To ensure the best performance, a diligent maintenance practice, like one people use for their cars is recommended. This includes:

  • Flush all tanks once a year.
  • Annual or bi-annual maintenance check-up by a certified service technician.
  • Keep the glazing clean and unobstructed.
  • Check for leakage at pipes leading to and from the collector.
  • Check the insulation on the pipes and at all joints.
  • For active systems, allow plenty of space around the pump and other equipment.
  • Check antifreeze in closed loop systems.
  • If performance drops off, check for consumption pattern changes. If the consumption
    pattern has not changed, check the system's maintenance manual and/or contact a service representative.

A solar water heater can deliver your hot water all year round. In much of Florida we are fortunate that we have fewer cloudy and cool days than almost anywhere else in the country, so solar energy can carry much of the load.

How is the Solar Domestic Hot Water System Installed On My House?

How The System Is Installed:

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