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Solar battery backup systems are utility interactive and designed to operate with a solar array. During the day, the solar array delivers utility grade electricity to dedicated loads. Extra power not consumed will feed back into the grid and lower your electric bill. At night, utility power keeps the batteries charged and supplies electricity to dedicated loads. Solar battery backup systems provide power when utility power is unavailable.

All components are housed in a lockable, vented, indoor enclosure. Shown with top removed.

Grey powder-coated steel key-lockable enclosure.
58" x 42" x 15"

During power outages, the solar system provides power for daytime loads and battery charging for nighttime loads. The battery backup provides security and safety for your family or business during periods of extended power emergencies. On-site installation can be completed within a few days.

All electrical components are listed for safety to UL specifications. The Battery Backup system is reliable and safe operation compliant to the NEC.

The Battery Backup System and modules are all high quality components that will provide you with reliable power. Depending on the system selected, the sealed AGM batteries provide 305 to 610 amp hours of backup power.

Maintenance-free batteries are designed to last 10+ years. The Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup offer high quality system components to provide reliable power. Each system includes a sealed 3000W or vented 3600W pure sine wave inverter with five-stage battery charger, manual AC bypass switch, M60 charge controller, Mate digital system control and display, GFI outlet, PV-GFP circuit breaker, AC/DC breakers and sealed AGM deep-cycle batteries.

Grid-Tie Battery Backup Solar Systems Include:

  • OutBack GFX series inverter/charger
  • MX60 controller for solar connection
  • MATE digital system control and display
  • Concorde Sun-Xtender Sealed batteries
  • Lockable, vented indoor enclosure
  • Complete documentation and owner's manual

180 watt solar module.

Thermally active cooling fan.

MATE digital system control and display.



SRB 3.0

SRB 3.6

SRB 6.0

SRB 7.2

AC Ratings        
Inverter 1 Sealed GTFX3048 1 Vented GVFX3648 2 Sealed GTFX3048 2 Vented NVFX3648
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave
AC Voltage 120 VAC Nominal 120 VAC Nominal 120/240 VAC 120/240 VAC
AC Phase Configuration Single Single Split Split
Frequency 60Hz +/- 0.04% 60Hz +/- 0.04% 60Hz +/- 0.04% 60Hz +/- 0.04%
Total Harmonic Distortion <5% <5% <5% <5%
Surge Power 6000 Watts 7200 Watts 12000 Watts 14400 Watts
Continuous Power 3000 Watts 3600 Watts 6000 Watts 7200 Watts
AC Pass-Through Current 50 Amps 50 Amps 120 Amps 120 Amps
Inverter Efficiency 93% 93% 93% 93%
Transfer Time At Power Failure 16 ms 16 ms 18 ms 18 ms
DC Ratings        
Battery Breaker 125A 125A 125A x 2 125A x 2
Battery Voltage (Nominal) 48 VDC 48 VDC 48 VDC 48 VDC
Battery Charging Current (Max) 30 Amps DC 60 Amps DC 70 Amps DC 90 Amps DC
Battery Bank        
Battery Capacity (C/24) 305 AH @ 48V 305 AH @ 48V 610 AH @ 48V 610 AH @ 48V
Usable to 80% DOD 13 kWh 13 kWh 26 kWh 26 kWh
Battery Type AGM Maintenance Free AGM Maintenance Free AGM Maintenance Free AGM Maintenance Free
Dimensions W x H x D 32" x 58" x 15" 32" x 58" x 15" 64" x 58" x 15" 64" x 58" x 15"
Number Of Battery Cabinets Single Single Dual Dual
Approx. Weight (incl. batteries) 920 lb 920 lb 1820 lb 1820 lb
Solar Input        
Maximum Solar Watts 3300W 3300W 6600W 6600W
DC Input Voltage 80-125 VDC 80-125 VDC 80-125 VDC 80-125 VDC
PV-DC Ground Fault Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
PV-DC Breaker Rating 63A 63A 63A x 2 63A x 2
Backup Run Times (Example)        
1000 Watt 120V AC Load 13 hrs. 13 hrs. 26 hrs. 26 hrs.

Backup Power In A Box

Battery backup systems include all the components necessary for battery backup power in one self-contained unit
for indoor installation. The enclosures are lockable for security and offer an optional breaker access door. All electrical
components are listed for safety to UL specifications. No longer will you hear "Honey! The power is out!"

The following chart will give you an idea of what appliances can be operated from the battery backup.
NOTE: When picking your emergency load for when you are on battery backup, consider only those items that you wish to use in an emergency situation. The more you put on your emergency load the less hours you will have to run your emergency load. So choose wisely. The Energy Outlet can advise you on your power needs.
Appliance AC or DC Watts   Hours Used/Day   Watt Hours/Day
Ceiling Fan 100 X 8.0 = 800
Coffee Maker 600 X 0.3 = 180
Clothes Dryer 4,856 X 0.8 = 3,885
Computer 75 X 2.0 = 150
Computer Monitor 150 X 2.0 = 300
Dishwasher 1200 X 0.5 = 600
Lights, 4 Compact Fluorescents 4 x 15 X 5.0 = 300
Microwave Oven 1,300 X 0.5 = 650
Radio 80 X 4.0 = 320
Refrigerator 600 X 9.0 = 5,400
Television 300 X 8.0 = 2,400
Vacuum Cleaner 600 X 0.2 = 120
VCR 25 X 8.0 = 200
Washing Machine 375 X 0.5 = 188
Total         15,493


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