Solar Dock Lights

Now available from the Energy Outlet 12 volt solar dock light system. This dock light system will be powered by the sun. No need to run electrical cables out to your dock. We design the system for you dock, depending on how much light you want on your dock, and the size of your dock. We offer soft LED lighting or bright LED lighting. If you are concerned about the turtles, we offer amber lighting which is acceptable by the state of Florida to be turtle friendly, or you can have white LED lights. All conduit piping for the lights is run under your dock so the upper side of the dock is not cluttered with plastic pipe. The solar power system and PV's can be ground mounted or mounted on dock roof, if your dock has one.

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12 Volt LED Dock Light, Amber Light
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PV' Panels Mounted On Gazebo Roof
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Solar Power Unit With Controls And Storage Battery
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LED Light Mounted Between Spindle
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LED Lights Mounted On Dock
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Amber LED Dock Lights At Night


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