Solar Pool System

Swim Master Plus solar pool heating systems take advantage of the most abundant energy source available the sun. Unlike electric or gas heating options the sun doesn't send you a bill. It just keeps on shining and warming. After installation your pool will be heated free for many years to come.


Swim Master panels transfer heat from the sun into the cooler pool water. Pumping water through the collectors is normally accomplished by diverting water that is already flowing through the existing pool pump. A Swim Master solar pool heating system will perform most efficiently when controlled by an automatic valve (#2 above), however, manual valve operation performs efficiently under most conditions.

Collector Assembly

Headers are constructed by molding them directly to extruded absorbers, in two foot widths. Panels are built to be four foot wide by thermally welding the two foot molded headers together. Absorber strips are sonically welded together for
easier handling. Molded corner pieces permit precise connection of arrays of panels for a mistake-free, watertight installation.

Factory Testing

Every panel manufactured undergoes an internal pressure test 105 psi before being approved for shipment and installation. Panels in typical operation only experience pressures of 12-40 psi.



The Energy Outlet

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