Solar Street Lights

Solar street lighting is an economical viable solution. Street lighting is one of the largest single expenditure for many cities around the world, staying up to date with new developments and adopting solar lighting technologies dramatically reduces energy costs and green house gas emissions.

Solar street lighting can be an economical viable option in many applications not only in areas where the cost of providing electricity is too expensive, but also in situations where reducing running costs is a priority; solar street lighting is a judicious choice for highways, parks, parking lots, and many more public and private sites.

When installing solar street lighting there is no need for excavation to put cables and power does not depend on the standard power grid.

When designing street lighting various factors need to be taken into consideration. Not withstanding the total hours per day the street lighting will be lit, as this will determine the size of any solar panels used.

The systems consist of four ready to install subassemblies: the power assembly, the fixture choice, the charge/ load computer and other accessories. Once your application has been identified, it is simple to design your system. Contact Us Today to tell us what you need and we can design a system for you.

Lighting system components are mass-produced and standardized. Power assemblies can be used for power applications, or interchange between streetlights, parking lot lights, or sign lights. The power assembly is independent
of the light fixture or other device. This allows single or multiple fixtures to be mounted separately on the same pole, or another pole or wall. The fixtures or devices can even be placed in the shade.

There is no routine maintenance of the systems. The design life of the solar panel is 30 years, 15 years on the control electronics, 5-7 years on the battery. The bulbs in most cases will last over 10 years. All systems are manufactured with marine grade aluminum; machine formed and welded boxes. The systems have a clean low profile and are structurally and architecturally balanced for strength, appearance, and low wind resistance.


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